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Contributing Papers

Contributing Papers are prepared by experts outside of the Institute. In a few cases, these papers are also prepared in collaboration with Institute staff. These papers are available below.




May 2015
Roger Dennis, Wendy McGuinness and Rick Boven Lessons From the West African Ebola Outbreak in Relation to New Zealand’s Supply Chain Resilience (PDF, 5,799KB)
This PDF can also be found on the Z website here, along with information about the report. 
May 2015
Dr Bernard Cadogan Nation Voices: What makes a good political speech in New Zealand? (PDF, 545KB)
August 2012
Professor Philip Joseph EmpowerNZ: Reflections (PDF, 86KB)
August 2012
Dame Dr Claudia Orange EmpowerNZ: Finale Speech (PDF, 70KB)
August 2012
Professor Philip Joseph EmpowerNZ: Key Elements of a Constitution (PDF, 94KB)
August 2012
Dame Dr Claudia Orange EmpowerNZ: Context Setting (PDF, 127KB)
August 2012
Hon Jim McLay
EmpowerNZ: 1984 And All That (PDF, 226KB)
March 2011
Colin James
StrategyNZ: History is full of unpredicted futures (PDF, 261KB)
March 2011
Dr Robert Hickson
StrategyNZ: A participant's observations of viewing the 10 group presentations (PDF, 134KB)
March 2011
Tony Alexander
StrategyNZ: Sailing close to the precipice: Past, present and future (PDF, 148KB)
March 2011
Dr Peter Bishop
StrategyNZ: Understanding paradox through strategic foresight (PDF, 150KB)
March 2011
Sir Paul Callaghan
StrategyNZ: Sustainable economic growth for New Zealand: An optimistic myth-busting perspective (PDF, 130KB)





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