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Think Pieces

Provide an opportunity for an author to share his or her thoughts about a specific issue of interest. The purpose is a concise piece of writing to add to the wider dialogue on issues facing New Zealand.




20 Sep 2014 Towards a Strategy of Freedom (PDF, 160 KB)
19 Aug 2014 'I would rather New Zealand be smart than lucky' (PDF, 240 KB)
18 Sept 2013 'For me ... it is not enough' (PDF, 800 KB)
17 Mar 2013 A Place Where Talent Wants to Live (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Footnotes (PDF, 229 KB)
16 Mar 2013 New Zealand King Salmon: Was it a good decision for New Zealand? (PDF, 1 MB)
Working Paper (PDF, 1.4 MB)
15 July 2012 The Magical Place Where Science and Humanities Meet (PDF, 520 KB)
Footnotes (PDF, 102 KB)
14 June 2011 Constructing a House Fit for the Future (PDF, 695 KB)
Footnotes (PDF, 132 KB)
13 Oct 2010 The Day They Decided That Sneetches Are Sneetches (PDF, 430 KB)
Footnotes (PDF, 99 KB)
12 Oct 2009 New Zealand is No Longer New (PDF, 915 KB)
Footnotes (PDF, 21 KB)
11 Oct 2009 The Age of Information is Dead. Long Live the Imagination Age (PDF, 66 KB)
Footnotes (PDF, 7 KB)
10 May 2009 Lost in Space: Turning Ideas into Action (PDF, 208 KB)
Footnotes (PDF, 12 KB)
9 Mar 2009  Think Tanks: NZ's Own Idea Factories (PDF, 142KB)
Background for Table 1 (PDF, 35.9KB)
References (PDF, 11.1KB) 
Dec 2008 Magnifying Hope and Reducing Fear (PDF, 115KB)
References (PDF, 10KB)
Oct 2008 What is a National Sustainable Development Strategy? (PDF, 159 KB)
6 Oct 2008 While AgResearch Fiddled (PDF, 716KB)
References (PDF, 124KB)
Workings for Figure 1 (PDF, 19KB)
5 Sept 2008 Hard Work (PDF, 157 KB)
4 Aug 2008 Weak Signals and Wild Cards – Insights from the World Futures Conference (PDF, 215KB)
3 Dec 2007 Project 2008 – Suggested Initiatives for making New Zealand 'Fit for Purpose' (PDF, 116KB)
2 May 2007 Climate Change – New Zealand's Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990–2005 (PDF, 125KB)
1 Mar 2007 Twenty Years of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PDF, 114KB)

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