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We produce and publish reports and a range of other material. Where appropriate, we have our publications reviewed by external parties. See our external review policy. Please consider donating when downloading our publications, or send a tweet and help promote the Institute's work.


The McGuinness Institute publications learn from the past, observe the present and engage with the future. For a summary of our major publications, see the Institute's catalogue to the right. You can download this catalogue here (PDF, 1.1 MB).

See all our publications below.

  • Annual Reports of the Institute – Prepared to detail our company goals and achievements, as well as our financial statements for the year.
  • Articles – Published in external journals.
  • Books and Journals – Learn more about our signature book and journal.
  • Competitions – Occasionally we run competitions that align with our goals. 
  • Contributing Papers – Invited papers from authors outside the Institute.
  • Discussion Papers – Brief records of proceedings from events such as workshops or meetings.
  • Interviews & Videos – Recorded during Institute events and other events we attend.
  • Letters to Members of Parliament – Correspondence sent by the Institute.
  • Media Releases – Prepared with the release of a completed report or in response to a key event.
  • Newsletters – We publish three newsletters: an MI newsletter, a TalentNZ newsletter and a TacklingPovertyNZ newsletter. 
  • Perspectives – Short publications from a range of authors that address very specific issues.
  • Posters – Posters conveying our ideas through illustrations and diagrams.
  • Presentations – Records of public presentations made by members of the McGuinness Institute team.
  • Reports – The Institute's primary research outputs are available for download here. Paperback copies can also be purchased through our shop.
  • Submissions – Prepared in response to a proposal or draft government policy.
  • Surveys – Provide valuable insights into specific areas of study.
  • Think Pieces – What we think at this point in time on a specific issue of interest.
  • Timelines – Significant events on a specific topic of interest over time
  • Working Papers – What we know – facts and the current state of play on a specific issue of interest.
  • Worksheets – Worksheets used in our workshops.
  • Workshop Booklets – Key exercises and outputs used in our workshops.
  • Archived Publications – Publications that we are no longer pursuing.



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