New Zealand Planning Council Publications 1978-1993

This page lists publications from the New Zealand Planning Council, arranged chronologically. Clicking on the date of publication will lead you to a file of the original publication.

Hard copies of the publications are available for perusal at our offices by arrangement. Our intention is to make this list both accurate and comprehensive, so please contact us if you have any additional material for us to add.

June 1993Tomorrow’s Skills – 1993 UpdateCallister, P.
September 1991Supplement To On the Move: Migration and Population - Trends and PoliciesLowe, J.
August 1991Small Business is Big BusinessHaines, L.
July 1991On the Move: Migration and Population - Trends and PoliciesPopulation Monitoring Group
July 1991Making a Market for Energy EfficiencyTerry, S.
June 1991Expanding our Horizons: New Zealand in the Global EconomyCallister, P.
May 1991Curriculum: Core or Corset? Community and Business views
January 1991Tomorrow's Skills (Revised Edition)Callister, P.
September 1990Where to Now? New Zealand in the 1990sDavey, J. A. and Westaway, J.
July 1990At the Grassroots: Community Responses to UnemploymentBoswell, K. and Brown, D.
April 1990The Fully Employed High Income SocietyRose, D.
April 1990Tomorrow's SkillsCallister, P.
April 1990Did you say sustainable full employment at high wages?
New Zealand Planning Council
December 1989Work Today: Employment Trends to 1989Haines, L.
October 1989What Creates New Jobs?Callister, P.
April 1989Diversity and Change: Regional Populations in New ZealandThe Population Monitoring Group
March 1989From Birth to Death ll: The Second Overview ReportDavey, J. and Mills, M.
September 1988Overseas Debt -An AssessmentWebber, D.
June 1988Our Education and Training Choices -Post Compulsary Education and Training in New ZealandHaines, L.
June 1988For Richer or Poorer: Income and Wealth in New ZealandIncome Distribution Group
June 1987Care and Control: The Role of Institutions in New ZealandCraig, T. and Mills, M.
May 1987Tracking Down the Deficit Economic Monitoring Group
March 1987Māori LandAsher, G. and Naulls, D.
February 1987Social Policy OptionsDavey, J. A.
1986Māori Information Papers: Paper 1: The PopulationBrown, D., Wallance, D. and Reedy, T.
1986Māori Information Papers: Paper 2: Social IssuesMills, M., Wallance, D. and Reedy, T.
1986Māori Information Papers: Paper 3: The New EconomyCallister, P., Haines, L., Wallance, D. and Reedy, T.
December 1986The New Zealand Population: Change, Composition and Policy ImplicationsPopulation Monitoring Group
October 1986Voluntary Social Services: A Review of FundingDriver, S. and Robinson, D.
September 1986Economic Modelling in New Zealand
August 1986Income Support for Young PeopleFerguson, D.
June 1986Labour Market FlexibilityEconomic Monitoring Group
April 1986Part-Time Work in New ZealandClark, A.
February 1986A Macro-Economic Model and Scenarios to 1995Haywood, E. and Cavana, R. Y.
December 1985The New Zealand Population - Trends and Their Policy Implications 1985Population Monitoring Group
October 1985Is Farm Support the Answer? A Policy BackgrounderRankin, P. J. and Woods, N. R.
September 1985The Regulated EconomyEconomic Monitoring Group
July 1985From Birth to DeathSocial Monitoring Group
February 1985The New Zealand Population, Contemporary Trends and IssuesPopulation Monitoring Group
February 1985Employment and the EconomyRose, D.
February 1985Self Employment and Small BusinessDwyer, M., Rose, D. and Sowman, R.
1984Towards A Strategy For New Zealand AgricultureWoods, R., Graham, K. and Rankin, P.
October 1984Paternalism or Partnership? Central Government's Administrative Attitude to Local GovernmentSowman, R.
September 1984Strategy For GrowthEconomic Monitoring Group
June 1984New Zealand Foreign Policy: Choices, Challenges and OpportunitiesRankin, P.
April 1984Meeting Needs In The Community - A Discussion Paper On Social ServicesDavey, J. A. and Dwyer, M.
April 1984Young People, Education and EmploymentCatherwood, V.
February 1984The New Zealand Population: Patterns of ChangePopulation Monitoring Group
December 1983Foreign Exchange Constraints, Export Growth and Overseas DebtEconomic Monitoring Group
March 1983Issues In EquityDavey, J. A. and Koopman-Boyden, P.
September 1982Rural Change - Farming and the Rural Community in the 1970sNew Zealand Planning Council
September 1982Dimensions of the Public Sector, 1960 - 1981Pope, M.
September 1982The Public Sector - An OverviewNew Zealand Planning Council
September 1982The State in BusinessJohnston, J. and Tunzelmann, A.
September 1982Rural Change - Farming and the Rural Community in the 1970sNew Zealand Planning Council
July 1982Nga WhakaaroWaitai, R.
June 1982Government in the New Zealand EconomyHawke, G. R.
May 1982Economic Trends And PoliciesEconomic Monitoring Group
March 1982Who Makes Social PolicyNew Zealand Planning Council
December 1981Taxing IssuesJefferies, P., Snively, S. and Thompson, G.
July 1981The New Zealand Planning Council: A Case StudyFischer, P.
June 1981An Agenda For Tax ReformNew Zealand Planning Council
April 1981DirectionsNew Zealand Planning Council
March 1981Report of the NZPC for the year ended 31 March 1981
December 1980Forecasting the Economy in the EightiesHaywood, E.
October 1980Employment: Towards and Active Employment PolicyNew Zealand Planning Council
June 1980Investment IssuesBrash, D. T., Holmes, F., Smith, B. and Thompson, G.
April 1980Planning and the Region - A Memorandum for MinistersNew Zealand Planning Council
April 1980The Stabilisation Role of Fiscal PolicyDeane, R. and Smith, R.
April 1980Regional Development Objectives and Policies: An Appraisal Scott, C.
March 1980Puzzled, Pakeha?: Some Reflections on 'He Mātāpuna'Piddington, K.
March 1980
New Zealand's Long Term Foreign Trade Problems and Structural Adjustment Policies
Lloyd, P. J & others.
December 1979Finding a Pathway to the Future: He Ara ki te AomaaramaMead, S. M.
December 1979He Mātāpuna, A Source: Some Māori PerspectivesNew Zealand Planning Council
October 1979Implications of New Energy DevelopmentsNew Zealand Planning Council
June 1979The Welfare State? Social Policy in the 1980sNew Zealand Planning Council
June 1979Public Expenditure and it's Financing: 1950 - 1979New Zealand Planning Council
January 1979Economic Strategy 1979New Zealand Planning Council
October 1978New Zealand and the European CommunityNew Zealand Planning Council
July 1978Australian Relationships with New ZealandHolmes, F.
June 1978Working TogetherPicot, B., Drake, C., Thompson, T. and Woods, N.
June 1978Income Maintenance and Taxation - Some Options for Reform New Zealand Planning Council
March 1978Planning Perspectives 1978 - 1983New Zealand Planning Council
N/AProspects: Economic and Sectoral Trends to 1997
National Sectoral Working group