Māori Future Thinkers

For those who are interested in this topic please note that Waikato University has a paper titled Understanding Notions of Sustainable Development in Maori and Pacific Contexts



  • Chris Karamea Insley, Director of Strategy 37 Degrees South. Carbon Workshop: Global Cycle to Regional Budget : The Essential Role of Maori in the Climate Change Policy and Program


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  • October 2007: Te Puni Kökiri (Ministry of Māori Development). Te wa o te ao hurihuri ki te Öhanga Whanaketanga Mäori: A time for change in Mäori economic development



  • August 2005: The New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development and Westpac New Zealand. Let’s Settle This! Through Settlement to sustainable Māori Enterprise
  • September 2005: Vision Mätauranga: Unlocking the Innovation Potential of Mäori Knowledge, Resources and People


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  • Terrence M. Loomis, Indigenous Populations and Sustainable Development: Building on Indigenous Approaches to Holistic, Self-Determined Development




  • 13 January 1998: Charles Royal; Mätauranga Mäori – Paradigms and Politics


  • 1 May 1997:Whatarangi Winiata; The Treaty Of Waitangi: Mäori Political Representation

Key Websites

  • Rakiora is a website that includes resources prepared for the Sustainable Mäori Development in Tai Tokerau and Te Papakupu o Te Taitokerau Research Programmes
  • The Outlook for Someday is a sustainability film challenge launched in 2007. Young New Zealanders up to the age of 20 make short films about how they see the future unfolding.
  • The Destination Carbon Neutral website outlines some key Māori Sustainability concepts
  • Kaitiatanga is an organisation which promotes Māori guarding their resources through the concept of Kaitiatanga. It includes a record of reflections of a group of Māori who went to The Conference on Sustainable Resources in Colerado.
  • This is a Te ara Encyclopaedia of New Zealand piece on Māori sustainability traditions
  • Vision Mātauranga is a MoRST policy framework whose mission statement reads: to unlock the innovation potential of Māori knowledge, resources and people to assist New Zealanders to create a better future.
  • The website for The Ministry for Maori Development
  • The Website for the Maori Party

The Ngaitahu iwi Website