Correspondence (Letters, OIAs, etc.)

Please find below copies of correspondence sent by the Institute to parties that may find our work of interest. The Institute endeavours to send all Members of Parliament an annual update of our work programme, as well as engaging in correspondence with wider groups regarding the release of a completed publication or a key event. We publish these letters here for transparency. 

OIA to NZTE: Open Ocean Aquaculture

28 April 2020
Download (PDF, 98 KB)

OIA to MoH: Vaccinations

28 April 2020
Download (PDF, 414 KB)

OIA to MoH: National Reserve Supply

22 April 2020
Download (PDF, 145 KB)

OIA to MoH: Intensive Care Drugs

22 April 2020
Download (PDF, 96 KB)

Letter to MoH: Thank you

27 March 2020
Download (PDF, 148 KB)

OIA to DHBs: Open Letter to District Health Boards

25 March 2020
Download (PDF, 148 KB)
Response/s: March/May 2020
Download (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Note: As at 5 May 2020, 18 out of 20 DHBs have responded. Of these 18, Bay of Plenty DHB and Lakes DHB have completed the OIA request. See Lakes DHB response above, and download Bay of Plenty DHBs attached Excel sheets here (650 KB).

OIA to MoH: Virus outbreak (ICU beds and more)

2 March 2020
Download (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Response: 25 March 2020
Download (PDF, 190 KB)

2019 Update to MPs: Work Programme

18 November 2019
Download (PDF, 148 KB)

2016 Update to MPs: Work Programme

17 May 2016
Download (PDF, 782 KB)

2015 Update to MPs: One Ocean

1 May 2015
Download (PDF, 152 KB)


2015 Update to MPs: Work Programme

5 February 2015
Download (PDF, 450 KB)

2014 Update to MPs: Work Programme

27 June 2014
Download (PDF, 220 KB)

2013 Update to MPs: Genetic Modification

13 December 2013
Download (PDF, 393 KB)

2013 Update to MPs: Work programme

4 December 2013
Download (PDF, 389 KB)