After an exciting three days at the ForesightNZ workshop last month, and with weeks of busy preparation leading up to the event, I am delighted with the outcome of the workshop.

Sophie Peat did a fantastic job as project manager of the workshop – her excellent organisation skills and liaising with stakeholders is a testament to the success of the event.

Sophie Peat gets the participants’ workshop bags ready for ForesightNZ.

Sophie is moving to England at the end of the month to travel and explore Europe. We are very sad to see Sophie go; she is a valuable member of the McGuinness Institute team and we will miss her positive energy.

Sophie has been busy getting the ForesightNZ cards and booklet ready for publishing before she leaves. We will do another post when the cards and booklet are complete, but see a sneak peek of the cards below!

We wish Sophie all the best.


Picture of the draft cards?

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