Courtney Meredith, writer, performer and arts manager, discusses ideas of success at day two of the three-day ForesightNZ workshop in Wellington on 27–29 April. You can watch the video of her presentation on the McGuinness Institute’s YouTube channel, or you can view it below.

Courtney Meredith opened her presentation with her poem Back Home, which she wrote when she was 25 and living overseas. Courtney shared how this experience fundamentally changed the way she saw herself and the environment around her. She emphasised to participants the importance of creating an environment for success through community engagement, cross-sector collaboration and speaking up.

How do you put an infrastructure around your thoughts so that they gain traction?”

Courtney shared her three key ideas:

1. Community engagement

2. Cross-sector collaboration

3. Social outcomes

To watch more videos from the ForesightNZ workshop, head to the McGuinness Institute’s YouTube Channel.

The ForesightNZ: Untangling New Zealand’s long-term future workshop is a collaboration between the New Zealand Treasury and the McGuinness Institute.

About the ForesightNZ workshop
Project: ForesightNZ aims to build public policy capability in New Zealand by encouraging long-term, agile thinking around our uncertain future. Initiated in 2008, ForesightNZ is about conceptualising the broad range of possible futures for New Zealand through up-to-date tools and conceptual approaches used in the field of futures studies. The primary focus of the ForesightNZ workshop was to develop a way to deal with the increasing complexity and uncertainty in the world around us. After careful consideration of how best to achieve this, we decided to use this opportunity to create a robust foresight tool in the form of a card game. Participants developed cards based on the events and trends that they believe could significantly shape New Zealand’s long-term future, and with these designed a number of games to develop a deeper understanding of the possible futures that might occur if a small number of those cards played out in real life.