The World Summit Awards are coming up again and New Zealand submissions are currently open. The competition rewards excellence in multi-media and e-Content creation with a focus on entries for the development of New Zealand society. Entries for NZ close on the 15th of May and 8 applicants will be selected to advance to the world competition held in Estonia in August.

The categories for submission this year are:

  • e-Government & Open Data
  • e-Health & Environment
  • e-Learning & Science
  • e-Entertainment & Games
  • e-Culture & Tourism
  • e-Media & Journalism
  • e-Business & Commerce
  • e-Inclusion & Empowerment

The awards are held every year with New Zealand entries usually scooping up multiple titles. Previous winners have included Areo’s Casebook, the National Broadband Map and Te Papa’s Our Space. Entries are open for any individual, company or organisation.

Contact Jan Bieringa for more information or to enter.

Good Luck!!