Last night we floated the idea of a ‘Pacific and Southern Ocean Institute’ – an independent institution charged with creating a place for bringing together ocean research and developing public policy in a considered and integrated way before it gets to the Cabinet table. See also the following media release.

This idea was discussed at the Auckland launch of the One Ocean report . This report explores the seascape of New Zealand – the past, present and future. It identifies the need for change in the way New Zealand governs its ocean space and the upcoming opportunities and challenges for doing so. Speakers included:

  • Bronwen Golder, Director of the Kermadec Initiative, The Pew Charitable Trust
  • Sam Judd, Co-founder and CEO, Sustainable Coastlines
  • Professor Timothy Naish, Director of the Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington

The PowerPoint slides from the event are below and are available for download on our presentations page. This event was filmed and will be published on this page and on our YouTube channel in early June.


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