As a Southern Hemisphere nation with a long history of Antarctic exploration and research, New Zealand has a responsibility to promote the sustainable long-term management of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.


Unfortunately, knowledge and awareness of this region among policy makers and the general public in New Zealand is low. We place great emphasis on the role of young people as agents for sustainable change, and believe that greater inclusion of youth in issues surrounding Antarctica is critical. Cities and regions throughout New Zealand have youth councils which work to integrate the voices and perspectives of young people into local government.

The Institute sees a need for a similar national forum for committed and passionate youth to contribute towards New Zealand’s role in the Antarctic. We would therefore like to invite expressions of interest from people between the ages of 18-30 interested in being part of such a council. If this sounds like you or somebody you know, contact James Tremlett on

In association with a number of partner agencies, the Institute will bring a group of young people together to participate in a planning workshop to develop a constitution later in the year. For more information about this initiative and for more ways to be involved, see our website at
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