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Securing our water future.

About WaterFutureNZ

WaterFutureNZ is a research project that aims to contribute to the wider discussion on how we might design safe, accessible and reliable water services for Aotearoa New Zealand. The Institute recognises that water is a significant public asset. A 2013 OAG report estimated that at least 12% of public assets under both central government and local government are water service assets. Water will become increasingly in demand as the world becomes more populated and challenged by climate change.

The Government’s Three Waters Reform is an area of critical importance to the future of our health and economy, hence we have made the decision to engage heavily in this area. Learn more about the Water Services Entities Bill.

Upcoming work

The Institute is fortunate that patron Morgan Williams is working on a think piece for us in this area of research. 

Water Services Entities Bill

Oral submission to Finance and Expenditure Committee

5 September 2022

The Institute’s oral submission included the Scottish Water Annual Report 2022 and the 2009 Scottish Water Governance Directions.

Presented to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee.

Download (PDF, 20 MB)

Written submission

22 July 2022

Written submission: Water Services Entities Bill – Three Waters Reform Programme

Think Piece 39

September 2022

Think Piece 39 – Three Waters: New body corporate model reduces government accountability