Requests for information made by the Institute via the Official Information Act. The table below indicates the progress of each request made in 2020. References to sections in the status column (right) refer to subsections within s18 of the Official Information Act 1982. 


OIA reference # [MI]Date sentRecipientSubjectLink to MI OIA Date of their acknowledgmentLink to their response Their reference #Status
2020/1010/08/2020Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC)Declared States of National Emergency (or equivalents) in the history of New ZealandOIA
In Progress
2020/0928/07/2020AgResearchPandemic Risk: Outdoor Transgenic ProgrammeOIA29/07/2020In Progress
2020/0815/07/2020Ministry for the Environment (MfE)/EPA Pandemic Risk: AgResearch Approval for GM animalsOIA22/07/202031/08/2020
MPI response 1

Partial transfers to (i) MPI and (ii) AgResearch
In Progress
2020/0729/04/2020Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) COVID-19: Moving from Level 4 to Level 3OIA14/05/20203/06/2020
Response 1
2020/0628/04/2020New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE)OneOcean: Open Ocean AquacultureOIA28/05/202011/06/2020
Response 1
Response 2
Response 3
2020/0528/04/2020Ministry of Health (MoH) COVID-19: VaccinationsOIA29/04/202025/06/2020

Response 1
2020/0422/04/2020Ministry of Health (MoH) COVID-19: National Reserve SupplyEmail &
(Follow up, 23/07/2020)
Response 1
H202002574In Progress
2020/0322/04/2020Ministry of Health (MoH) COVID-19: Intensive Care DrugsOIA
(Transferred to PHARMAC)
Response 1
2020/0225/03/2020All district health boards (DHB) COVID-19: Open Letter to District Health BoardsOIA
(Follow up, 23/06/2020)
VariousAs at 26/08/2020
Responses from all DHBs in date order
In Progress
2020/012/03/2020Ministry of Health (MoH) COVID-19: Virus outbreak (ICU beds and more)OIA04/03/202025/03/2020
Response 1
H202001095Completed (rejected under s 18f).

Other correspondence

The Institute endeavours to send all Members of Parliament an annual update of our work programme, as well as engaging in correspondence with wider groups regarding the release of a completed publication or a key event. These letters are published here for transparency. 

Date sentRecipientSubjectLink to Letter
27/3/2020MoHLetter to MoH: Thank youDownload
18/11/2019MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
14/12/2018MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
5/11/2018Climate Leaders Coalition2018 Update to the Climate Leaders Coalition: Climate change reporting Download
22/05/2017MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
17/05/2016MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
1/05/2015MP'sUpdate to MP's: One OceanDownload
5/02/2015MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
27/06/2014MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
13/12/2013MP'sUpdate to MP's: Genetic ModificationDownload
4/12/2013MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
24/5/2013MP'sUpdate to MP's: King SalmonDownload
14/5/2013MP'sUpdate to MP's: Constitutional conversationDownload