Publications listed by type

   Major Research and Policy Reports

Project 2058 Reports

Project 2058 (which refers to the year 2058) drives our work programme. The resulting reports illustrate the topics that we believe are important and make suggestions in terms of the direction and scope of public policy going forward.

Early Reports

The Institute’s primary research outputs are available for download here. Paperback copies can be also be purchased through our shop.

GDS Index NZ

The Government Department Strategies Index annually reviews each new GDS against a scorecard and then ranks these against the 100 plus strategies already in operation.

   Supporting Publications

Think Pieces

What we think at this point in time on a specific issue of interest.

Discussion Papers

These papers aim to bring together research and ideas for discussion and dialogue.

Working Papers

What we know – facts and the current state of play on a specific issue of interest.

Contributing Papers

Papers we have invited authors from outside the Institute to contribute, or shared papers we have completed in collaboration with others.

Workshop Booklets

Key outputs from our workshops.


Published in external journals.

Submissions and Proposals

Proposals in response to invitations to comment. These are often invitations from select committees, government departments and reporting organisations to comment on a new Bill or specific change in public policy.


Records of information on what people or organisations think on a specific area of study at a particular point in time.

Legal Opinion

Legal opinions requested by the Institute on complex public policy issues.

   Books and Journals

Āpōpō Journal

Āpōpō Journal is a unique publication developed by and for New Zealanders aged 18–25, to help them shape their long-term future.

Nation Dates

Learn more about our signature book.

TalentNZ Journal

Learn more about our journal.

   Visual Publications

Infographics and Newspapers

Illustrations and diagrams that convey our ideas.


Records of public presentations made by members of the McGuinness Institute team.

YouTube Channel

See our YouTube Channel to see all McGuinness Institute videos.

   Interactive Resources

Worksheets and Exercises

Documents developed for our workshops that are also available to the public.


Details and winning entries of competitions we have run that align with our projects.

   About the Institute

Annual Reports of the Institute

Prepared to detail our company goals and achievements, as well as our financial statements for the year.

Press Releases

Blurbs informing media organisations about the work we do.

Correspondence (Letters, OIAs, etc.)

Correspondence sent and received by the Institute.


Links to our three newsletters: an annual McGuinness Institute newsletter, a TalentNZ newsletter and a TacklingPovertyNZ newsletter.