Commission for the Future et al. papers, 1977–1982

This page lists publications concerning future-thinking within New Zealand, arranged chronologically. Clicking on the date of publication will lead you to a file of the original publication.

Hard copies of the publications are available for perusal at our offices by arrangement. Our intention is to make this list both accurate and comprehensive, so please contact us if you have any additional material for us to add.

An asterisk (*) indicates publications the McGuinness Institute does not currently have in it’s library.

OrderDatePrepared forTitleAuthor(s)
1.1977N/ASubmission to the Royal Commission on Nuclear Power*N/A
2.1977N/AReport on the First Year of Work*N/A
3.March/April 1977Commission for the FutureReport on the Commission's Seminar on Forecasting techniquesCommission for the Future
4.1978N/ANew Zealand Futures GameScott, G.
5.1978N/AA Programme of Future StudiesCommission for the Future
6.May 1978Commission for the FutureSocial Processes in New Zealand’s Future: The Relevance of European ModelsPitt, D.
7.June 1978Commission for the FutureNew Zealand's Future Begins Today Thomas, D. O.
8.July/August 1978Commission for the FutureNew Zealand in World Society: Towards the Year 2000Rankin, P.
9.September 1978N/AThe Social Aspects of Development in New ZealandDuncan, F. J.
10.1979N/AImproving New Zealand's DemocracyHoadley, J. S.
11.1979N/AFuture Technology*Technological Working Party and DSIR
12.1979Commission for the FutureA Question of Priorities: New Zealanders in Conversation about the FuturePhillips, P
13.1979Commission for the FutureInternational Relations OpportunitiesParker, A.
14.1979Commission for the Future Resources & Technology SustainabilityHunt, D.
15.1979Commission for the FutureSocieties in Change: A Question of ScaleZepke, N.
16.1979Commission for the FutureWork and The MicroprocessorDuncan, J. F.
17.March 1979Commission for the FutureThe Electronics AgeWilliams, W. R.
18.October 1979Commission for the FutureInterfutures - A Research Project on The Future Development of Advanced Industrial Societies in Harmony with that of Developing CountriesDuncan, J. F.
19.October 1979Commission for the FutureTowards the Year 2000 in EducationRenwick, W. L.
20.October 1979Commission for the FutureGoals of New ZealandersZepke, N. and Robinson, J.
21.November 1979Commission for the FutureSome Visions of the Future WorldRobinson, J.
22.December 1979Commission for the FutureCommission for Future: Response to ChangeMcGill, I.
23.1980N/ATrends into the Future, Report No. CFFR 1/80*Robinson, J
24.May 1980Commission for the FutureNew Zealand in the Future World Food EconomyOjala, E.M.
25.May 1980N/ANew Zealand and the Future World*Ojala, E. M.
26.June 1980Commission for the FutureAlternative Energy Technologies in New ZealandIsaacs, N.
27.October 1980Commission for the FutureSome Economic Implications of Social Change in New ZealandDuncan, J.F., Ojala, E. M., Philpott, B. P. and Thompson, G. J.
28.October 1980Commission for the FutureFast-Track Self-Sufficiency: An Alternative Energy Plan Preddey, G. F.
29.October 1980Commission for the FutureAttitudes to the FutureMurphy, B. D.
30.November 1980N/ANetwork New Zealand Working Papers: 1. Towards a Communications and Information Policy in New ZealandHarpham, M.
31.1981Commission for the FutureContexts for Development - Clarifying ValuesZepke, N., Harpham, M., Barret, M., Niven, M. and Wilkins, P.
32.February 1981N/A Network New Zealand Working Papers: 9. Space Satellite DistributionVan Valkenburg, G.
33.February 1981Commission for the FutureEconomic Aspects of the Commission for the Future's Scenarios of 2010Philpott, B., Stroombergen, A. and Burnell, S.
34.April 1981Professor Yehezkel Dror (OECD)The Commission for the Future: A Case Study Hunn, M.
35.May 1981N/ANetwork New Zealand Working Papers: 2. Information Occupations: The New Dominant in the NZ Work ForceConway, M.
36.June 1981Commission for the FutureReport on New Zealand TelevoteBecker, T., Clement, A., McRobie, T. and Murphy, B.
37.June 1981Commission for the FutureTrade Pattern Scenarios investigated by SARUMRobinson, J.
38.July 1981N/ANetwork New Zealand Working Papers: 3. Communications Needs and Rights; Communications in the Four NZ ContextsHarpham, P., Keir, M., Moriarty, G. and Van Valkenburg, G.
39.July 1981N/A Network New Zealand Working Papers: 4. Communications to the Year 2010: Some Social, Political and Economic IssuesKeir, M.
40.July 1981N/ANetwork New Zealand Working
Papers: 5. Computer Communications and Information Services
Harpham, P. W.
41.July 1981N/ANetwork New Zealand Working Papers: 6. The Future of Broadcasting and Frequency Spectrum Usage in New ZealandMoriarty, G. E.
42.July 1981N/ANetwork New Zealand Working Papers: 7. The New Zealand Daily Newspaper: An Endangered speciesConway, M.
43.July 1981N/ANetwork New Zealand Working Papers: 8. Point-to-point Communication in New Zealand over the Next 30 yearsMoriarty, J. P.
44.August 1981Commission for the FutureSupplement to: The New Zealand Daily Newspaper: An Endangered SpeciesConway, M.
45.August 1981Commission for the FutureNetwork New Zealand: Communications in the FutureMoriarty, G., Harpham, P.W., Keir, M., Moriarty, J.P. and Van Valkenburg, G.
46.September 1981Commission for the FutureFuture Contingencies: 1. Natural DisasterPreddey, G. F.
47.1982N/ACommunications for Tomorrow's PeopleKeir, M
48.March 1982Commission for the FutureFuture Contingencies: 4. Nuclear DisasterPreddey, G. F., Kjellstrom, T. E., Wilkins, P. C., Williamson, B. R. and Wilson, N. A.
49.April 1982Commission for the FutureFuture Contingencies: 2. Societal DisasterParr, A. R.
50.October 1982Victoria University of WellingtonCommunications: A Cross Impact StudyBlunt, G. H. L., Chan, R., Duncan, J.F., Mackay, D. K. and Young, S. J.
51.November 1982Commission for the FutureFutures KitHarpham, M. and McCarthy, T.
52.N/ACommission for the FutureCommission for the Future: Information Kit: Where does this Country's Future lie?*N/A
53.N/AN/AFuturewatch*Wilkins, P.
54.N/AN/AChance for Change*N/A