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Contributing to an informed New Zealand


The overall aim of ReportingNZ is to contribute to a discussion on how to build an informed New Zealand. ReportingNZ is a McGuinness Institute policy project that began in 2016.

We aim to draw a distinction between data, information (when data tells a narrative) and knowledge (when information delivers wisdom).

When analysing reporting frameworks, we tend to view the landscape in terms of:

  • information (what content, when (past, present or future focussed), how (is the data produced and how reliable is it), who provided it and why was it provided),
  • instruments (whether reporting is regular and in the public arena) and
  • institutions (who is reporting on what).

Timeline of ReportingNZ publications from 2011

The list below illustrates the research work the Institute has undertaken as part of our project ReportingNZ. It also includes three new working papers and a discussion paper (in progress). To see a full, searchable list of all McGuinness Institute publications, see here.

Past Initiatives

A Near Horizon

On 28 May 2020, the McGuinness Institute, Simpson Grierson, and the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) hosted A Near Horizon: Seizing the opportunities and managing the risks in the transition to net zero – The importance of climate-related financial disclosures.

This virtual roundtable discussion with Mark Carney, Adrian Orr and James Shaw, heard the perspectives of some of the world’s thought leaders on climate change and finance. Learn more about the speakers and event here. Watch the recorded zoom webinar here.

Assorted Publications

See a selection of our latest research and publications related to ReportingNZ below.


Working Paper 2022/14


Working Paper 2021/06

Report 17 – ReportingNZ: Building a Reporting Framework Fit for Purpose

Legal Opinion

Discussion Paper

Survey Insights

Press Coverage