Long-term Insights Briefings


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2021–23 Department Consultation on Long-term Insights Briefings 

Under Schedule 6 (sections 8 and 9) of the Public Service Act 2020, Chief Executives of government departments, independent of ministers, are required to publish a Long-term Insights Briefing at least once every three years. These are not to be considered as government policy, instead pieces of explorative thinking that look at, and make available to the public, information on medium and long-term trends, risks and opportunities that may be worth recognising in the context of Aotearoa New Zealand and its people. The Briefings must be made accessible to the public for consultation and the Chief Executive must take resulting feedback into consideration when finalising the briefing. Please note that this may not be a comprehensive list.

The Public Service Commission has their own list of public consultations for the Long-term Insights Briefings, found here.

NumberDepartment(s)SubjectSingle or joint briefing?Time horizonPublic consultation on subject matter optionsConsultation duration (Phase 1)Public consultation on subject matter selectedConsultation duration (Phase 2)Published?Date publishedBriefing due in House
Department of Conservation (DOC) and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)The future of protecting biodiversity by means of new and innovative opportunities provided by modern information systems and technologyJointNot specifiedHow can innovation in the way we use information and emerging technology help biodiversity thrive?18 October–14 November 2021 (27 days)How can we help biodiversity thrive through the innovative use of information and emerging technologies?November 2022–16 January 2023YesMarch 2023Late 2023
2.Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)Creating better opportunities for community participation through the help from potential future advances in technologySingleSuggests at least 10 years (2022– 2032+)DIA Long-term Insights Briefing initial consultation document22 October–18 November 2021 (27 days)Draft Long-term Insights Briefing: Consultation documentMay 2022–1 June 2022YesNovember 2022Not found
3.DPMC, GCSB, MBIE, MoD, MFAT, NZCS and NZSISImproving Government engagement with the public in regard to evolving national security issues, in particular threat-based risksJointSuggests at least 10 years (2022– 2032+)Engaging an increasingly diverse Aotearoa New Zealand on national security risks, challenges and opportunities21 October–18 November 2021 (28 days)Engaging an increasingly diverse Aotearoa New Zealand on national security risks, challenges and opportunities1 November–22 November 2022 (21 days)YesMarch 2023Late 2022
4.Education Review Office (ERO)Preparing the education system for the increasing ethnic diversity, and associated language, cultural, and religious diversity of the population with a particular focus on schools and their practicesSingleNot specifiedResponding to Diverse Cultures: Schools’ Practice Consultation to develop a Long-Term Insights Briefing3–23 March 2022 (20 days)Education For All Our Children: Embracing Diverse Cultures22 November–20 December 2022 (28 days)YesMarch 2023March 2023
5.Inland Revenue Department (IRD)The effects of taxes on inbound investment and their impacts on investment and productivitySingleNot specifiedTax, investment and productivity: Consultation on the scope of Inland Revenue’s long-term insights briefing13 August 2021–6 September 2021 (24 days)Tax, foreign investment and productivity: Draft long-term insights briefing24 February–14 April 2022 (49 days)YesAugust 2022Mid 2022
6.Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH)Cultural sector infrastructure – the physical, social, and dynamic components of the cultural sector that enable delivery and outcomesSingle2021–2040Consultation to develop a Long-Term Insights Briefing: The components of an impactful and sustainable cultural sector into the future27 August–26 November 2021 (91 days)Long-Term Insights Briefing: Draft for consultationNovember 2022–27 November 2022YesNot foundDecember 2022
7.Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP)Improving Pacific data equity to aid in the fair representation of Pacific Peoples within the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of dataSingleSuggests at least 20 years (2022–2042+)Consultation to develop a Long-term Insights Briefing (LTIB): Improving Pacific data equity: Opportunities to enhance the future of Pacific wellbeing29 November 2021–28 January 2022 (60 days)Long-Term Insights Briefing 2022: Improving Pacific Data Equity: Opportunities to enhance the future of Pacific wellbeingClosed 11 December 2022No-Not found
8.Ministry for Primary IndustriesFuture-proofing the productivity of New Zealands food and fibre sector by exploring emerging demand opportunities, consumption trends, and market trends that may eventuate in the 2050sSingle2050+The Future of New Zealand’s Food and Fibre Sector: Exploring new demand opportunities for the sector in the year 205022 August–16 Sept 2022 (25 days)The Future of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Food Sector: Exploring Demand Opportunities in the Year 20501 February 2023–24 February 2023 (23 days)YesApril 2023Not found
9.Ministry for the EnvironmentScoping the interaction between land use and activities, and the wellbeing of current and future generationsSingle2050People and place: Ensuring the wellbeing of every generation: Consultation on the topic for the Ministry for the Environment’s Long-term Insights Briefing 20225–20 May 2022 (15 days)Where to from here? How we ensure the future wellbeing of land and people: Consultation on the Ministry for the Environment’s draft Long-term Insights Briefing 20225 October–18 October 2022 (13 days)Yes21 February 2023Late 2022
10.Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)There may be a role for government to help shape the future of business, for example, ensuring the future outcomes businesses and New Zealanders want to achieve are more broadly alignedSingleSuggests at least 10 years (2021– 2031+)The future of business for Aotearoa New Zealand: Opportunities and implications for productivity and wellbeing20 July 2021–20 August 2021 (31 days)The future of business for Aotearoa New Zealand: An exploration of two trends influencing productivity and wellbeing – purpose-led business and blockchain technology11 May–24 June 2022 (44 days)YesNovember 2022Mid 2022
11.Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry for Women (MfW), Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and Ministry of Social Development (MSD)Reflecting on the challenges facing youth at risk of limited employment, prioritising the most important areas of focus and highlighting the right options to achieve better results for young peopleJointNot specifiedConsultation to develop a Long-Term Insights Briefing: Youth at risk of limited employment1 July 2021–15 August 2021 (45 days)Preparing All Young People for Satisfying and Rewarding Working Lives: Draft Briefing for public consultation from September to October 202212 September 2022–9 October 2022 (27 days)YesJanuary 2023Mid 2022
12.Ministry of Health (MoH)Unlocking the potential of precision health within Aotearoa New Zealand to aid in anticipating and addressing long-term opportunities and risks to health from global forces and trendsSingleSuggests at least 10 years (2022– 2032+)Precision health: Exploring opportunities and challenges to predict, prevent, diagnose, and treat disease more precisely in Aotearoa New ZealandNovember 2022–27 January 2023Precision Health: Exploring opportunities and challenges to predict, prevent, diagnose, and treat disease more precisely in Aotearoa New Zealand19 May 2023–19 Jun 2023 (31 days)No-Mid 2023
13.Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)Identifying how an ageing population will impact the housing and urban systems of Aotearoa New Zealand and how these systems can adaptSingleSuggests at least 10 years (2022– 2032+)No public consultation document on subject matter options could be found 27 October–12 November 2021 (16 days)The long-term implications of our ageing population for our housing and urban futures20 October 2022–10 November 2022 (21 days)Yes-Early 2023
14.Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Crown Law Office (CLO), Department of Corrections (DoC), Oranga Tamariki (OT) and Serious Fraud Office (SFO),Potential key insights and trends from 60 years worth of data on imprisonment and prison populations, and how they can potentially shape future pathways within this sector and New Zealand societyJointSuggests at least 20 years (2022–2042+)New Zealand Justice Sector Long-term Insights Briefing: Long-term insights about imprisonment and what these tell us about future risks and opportunities2 November 2021–30 November 2021 (28 days)Justic sector public consultation: Imprisonment in Aotearoa12 September 2022–7 October 2022 (25 days)Yes-November 2022
15.Ministry of Māori Development – Te Puni Kōkiri (TPK)Identifying what it will take to enable whānau and Māori to thrive on the terms that they identify and set for themselves through the use of evidence-based informationSingle2040No public consultation document on subject matter options could be found – only an evidence brief has been published -----Late 2022
16.Ministry of Transport (MoT)The potential impact of autonomous vehicles on New Zealand’s transport system and the wellbeing of New ZealandersSingleSuggests at least 10 years (2021– 2031+)Te Manatū Waka – Ministry of Transport Long-Term Insights Briefing: The impact of autonomous vehicles operating on New Zealand roads27 August 2021–17 September 2021 (21 days)The impact of automated vehicles operating on Aotearoa New Zealand roads: Long-term Insights Briefing6–27 May 2022 (21 days)YesAugust 2022Mid 2022
17.Public Service Commission (PSC)Identifying opportunities to improve the governments capability for public engagement increasing public participation
Single2040He pēhea nei te takatū o Te Ratonga Tūmatanui o Aotearoa mō te tau 2040? – How is New Zealand’s Public Service prepared for 2040? 20 August 2021–20 September 2021 (31 days)Public Participation in Government in the Future: Te Kawa Mataaho – Public Service Commission’s Long-Term Insights BriefingClosed 3 June 2022YesNot foundNot found
18.Statistics New Zealand (StatsNZ)Improving the way New Zealand uses data by creating better value of data, forming an ethical and secure system, and utilising government mechanisms, in order to capture the social and economic opportunities that data has the potential to produceSingleNot specifiedStats NZ’s Long-term Insights Briefing: Data as a driver of national competitive advantage – fostering improved wellbeing and economic growth24 November–28 January (65 days)Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa Long-term Insights Briefing: Aotearoa New Zealand: Empowered by data – Long term insights about the role of data in wellbeing and economic advantage 11 November 2022–10 February 2023 (91 days)No-Not found
19.The TreasuryThe Government’s long-term fiscal position and policy options available to address the long-term fiscal challenges, risks and opportunitiesSingleAt least 40 years (2061+)Looking to the Future: New Zealand’s long-term fiscal challenges: Consultation on the scope of the Treasury’s combined Statement on the long-term fiscal position and Long-term insights briefing26 February–26 March 2021 (28 days)He Tirohanga Mokopuna 2021: Consultation on the draft content of the Treasury’s combined Statement on the Long-term Fiscal Position and Long-term Insights Briefing2 July 2021–30 July 2022 (28 days)Yes29 September 2021September 2021