At the end of a fast-paced 72 hours, the TacklingPovertyNZ participants presented their findings to MPs and other guests at Parliament on 9 December 2015. They had the floor for one hour, during which time they reported their observations, reflections and proposals for policy change on how New Zealand might best tackle poverty as a country. You can view this presentation on our YouTube channel or play below.

About TacklingPovertyNZ
This workshop brought together 36 young New Zealanders between the ages 18 and 25 to prepare a youth perspective on the issue of poverty in New Zealand and how we might, as a country, go about tackling it. The workshop ran from 6 December to 9 December 2015 with the finale presentation held at Parliament. Every year, the McGuinness Institute has worked in collaboration with the New Zealand Treasury to create a place for young New Zealanders to explore complex public policy issues together. The workshops have always proved exciting, enjoyable and insightful. The McGuinness Institute would particularly like to thank the staff at the New Zealand Treasury for their continued support and encouragement. This initiative is ongoing and we will be releasing further developments in the next few weeks on the TacklingPovertyNZ website.

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