2023 Terms of Use

Purpose of this website
The key purpose of this website is to provide relevant and timely information to users. The site was originally developed in August 2016 and went live in September 2016. It is regularly updated.

Intellectual Property
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You may only copy or reproduce the Materials to the extent necessary for you to view them on your PC or to print up to 10 copies of them. However, you are welcome to reproduce publications on this website that have been written by the McGuinness Institute – but they must not be modified in any way. Wendy McGuinness or this website (www.mcguinnessinstitute.org) must be acknowledged as the source. Other than as set out above, you cannot use the Materials for anything else. You are not permitted to copy or reproduce (other than as set out above), modify, publish, transmit, adapt, display to the public (including on a website), sell, license, or commercialise any of the materials without the prior written approval of the McGuinness Institute.

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Disclaimer and Warranties
The material provided on this website is provided free of charge to you for general information purposes only. It is not intended to constitute, or be a substitute for, any professional, accounting, financial or legal advice. All expressed and implied warranties are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law. In particular, The McGuinness Institute does not review all of the information on this website and so, to the maximum extent permitted by law, does not warrant that the information will be accurate, complete or free from errors. Therefore, you rely on the information on this website at your own risk.

The McGuinness Institute has used reasonable care in collecting and presenting the information provided on this website. However, the Institute makes no representation or endorsement that this resource will be relevant or appropriate for its readers’ purposes and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information at any particular time for any particular purpose. The Institute is not liable for any adverse consequences, whether they be direct or indirect, arising from reliance on the content of this publication. Where this website contains links to any other website or other source, such links are provided solely for information purposes and the Institute is not liable for the content of such website or other source.

Please also note that the McGuinness Institute does not necessarily endorse, review or agree with all the information presented on the website, but endeavours to permit diverse and interesting material to be published on this website to add to the debate about measuring, reporting and verifying sustainable development information.

If you are using this website for the purposes of a business, the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (New Zealand) do not apply. If this is not the case, nothing in these terms or this website shall limit any rights you may have under that Act.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the McGuinness Institute will not in any circumstances be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage in relation to this website or any Materials. If for any reason the McGuinness Institute’s liability is not excluded under these terms, its total cumulative liability to you shall be limited to NZ $100. These limitations and exclusions shall apply to the McGuinness Institute’s directors, agents and employees and shall also apply however liability arises, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise.

Governing law
These terms, and this website, are governed by the laws of New Zealand, and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts. 

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