Following on from the 1st of June post that looked big ideas in marketing, we thought you might like to look at big ideas in the creative arts, in particular how photography, music, and technology are being integrated to develop new forms of entertainment. This is a great little clip that my 15 year old showed me the other night.

In this clip, the artist reuses old traditional board games to reinvent patterns and colours to the beat of music. This is a great example of how integrated the creative arts is becoming and also how we are embracing robotic imagery in the way we spend our spare time. We think we will be seeing lots more of this type of entertainment in the future.

Further, for those that want to learn more about robotics, and about when we can expect to see robots more intelligent than humans, check out this recent news story on ‘Artificial Irrelevance‘ – there’s a great video and graph! By graphing the linear growth in the power of supercomputers, researchers predict human brain neural simulation will be possible by 2025.

Have a entertaining weekend, Best Wendy

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