The names of the press from different countries are laid out on the red carpet

Peter Jackson and his team pulled off an extraordinary event last night. Not only have they gained the mana that brought fans and press from throughout the world to New Zealand’s doorstep (see the photo above), but they also ushered in a new era of movie making by bringing High Definition 48-frames-per-second (double the industry standard) to the cinema –making fantasy real! This technology has enormous implications for the way we can expect entertainment to develop, but it is also meaningful for the development of future studies as it opens up the opportunity to create realist future worlds to explore and evaluate. We are beginning to see a place where entertainment and futures intersect – and it seems all the closer after seeing the Hobbit, a simple story about some lads who go on a journey to recover lost treasure. In doing so, they learn that courage is not so much about what we do, but about what we don’t do, and that leadership is about having values, as well as the discipline to deliver on those values every day. Tolkien may have had the insight to understand the skills necessary for managing a complex world, but Jackson had the vision to communicate those skills to a 21st century audience. Congrats from the McGuinness Institute – we salute you.

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