The McGuinness Institute has just completed an in depth submission on New Zealand King Salmon’s application for resource consent to expand their salmon aquaculture operation in the Marlborough Sounds. One of our key concerns is that there are many stakeholders who have an interest in how the Marlborough Sounds is used and developed in the long term. Until an overarching plan is developed with all stakeholders, no one stakeholder should be able to have rights above and beyond all others.

Of particular importance is the issue of rights and responsibilities with regard to New Zealand’s inland and territorial waters. Would the Government provide the use of land for 35 years to a private company without payment? The lack of financial consideration passing back to the public from this transaction makes it at best a naïve deal by the Government and at worst a financially negligent one.

A full copy of our submission to the EPA is available on the McGuinness Institute website.

Posted by: Niki Lomax

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