27 September 2010 Forum

Stephen Hay of People and Process will lead this engaging discussion on how an unrelenting focus on efficiency has distorted the value creation logic of service organisations, with long-lasting and unintended consequences. Starting with a description of how we got ourselves into the current situation, he will propose two alternative logics that provide a foundation for building the service organisations of the future.

Stephen Hay is the Executive Director of People and Process and is an accomplished consultant, speaker and educator who helps large service organisations consistently and continually exceed stakeholder expectations. He uses a holistic, participatory process and involves people at all levels of an organisation, from shop floor to board to assist highly-specialised service organisations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, the New Zealand Institute of Environmental Science and Research and Telecom Fiji find new structures that can better provide effective services into the future. He has international educational credentials and his career has allowed him to live and work in eight different countries and visit a further 25. His current family home is in Wellington, New Zealand.

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