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Below are all the websites that the McGuinness Institute manages and how they fit together as part of our work programme. The key to understanding our website structure is that everything that is published, in whatever form, can be found on the McGuinness Institute publications page. It is our library; it records what we have done and what we are doing as an entity. We have a different website for each of the nine projects. In addition to these we have special websites for one-off initiatives that suit being stand alone. Examples include the GDS Index and the TalentNZ menu of initiatives.

Policy Projects


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Social Media

We have Facebook pages for Project TalentNZ and Project TacklingPovertyNZ, as one of the goals of these projects is to contribute to a national conversation by sharing ideas on how to tackle poverty and how to build a talent-based economy.

All videos related to our projects can be found on the McGuinness Institute YouTube channel. Photos can be found on the projects’ satellite websites. Please note, we do not upload our videos or a make a full library of our photos on Facebook.