Work programme

At the McGuinness Institute, we are fortunate to be able to set our work programme in response to where we think we can best deliver value. This means that the observations made throughout 2023 have shaped our work for 2024. We remain flexible throughout the year to ensure that our focus remains exactly on what we believe is most important for the long-term future of New Zealand.

Our current 2024 programme is on the right. We do update this throughout the year, so please check back every few months to see how it has evolved. We welcome collaboration, so if there is anything that interests you, please contact us.

Download our 2024 work programme, or review previous work programmes.

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Key datasets that the Institute continues to collect and analyse are as follows:

  • Annual reports of  NZX-listed companies,
  • Government Department Strategies (GDSs),
  • Long-term Insights Briefings (LTIBs),
  • Political party agreements (e.g. coalition agreements, confidence and supply agreements, agreements inside formation and inside Government, and agreements outside formation but inside Government),
  • Royal Commission Inquiries, and
  • Scenarios published in New Zealand.