Think Pieces

Think Pieces are publications that explore ideas that could shape New Zealand’s future, or gather thoughts on an issue at a specific point in time. They are authored either by Institute staff or external parties invited by the Institute.

Think Piece 33 Appendix 1 and Endnotes

Download (PDF, 57 KB)

See the OIA request letters to DHBs (25 March) and MoH (27 March) here.

Think Piece 20 – Towards a Strategy of Freedom

Wendy McGuinness, September 2014
Download (PDF, 160 KB)

Think Piece 18 – 'For me ... it is not enough'

Wendy McGuinness, September 2013
Download (PDF, 800 KB)

Think Piece 12 – New Zealand is No Longer New

Wendy McGuinness & Perrine Gilkison, October 2009
Download (PDF, 915 KB)

Think Piece 8 – Magnifying Hope and Reducing Fear

Wendy McGuinness, December 2008
Download (PDF, 115 KB)

Think Piece 7 – What is a National Sustainable Development Strategy?

Wendy McGuinness & Willow Henderson, October 2008
Download (PDF, 159 KB)

Think Piece 5 – Hard Work

Wendy McGuinness, September 2008
Download (PDF, 157 KB)

Think Piece 3 – Project 2008: Suggested Initiatives for making New Zealand 'Fit for Purpose'

Wendy McGuinness, Joe McCarter, Mark Newton and Hayley Vujcich, December 2007
Download (PDF, 116 KB)

Think Piece 1 – Twenty Years of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

Wendy McGuinness, Ella Lawton, Amelie Goldberg and Hayley Vujcich, March 2007
Download (PDF, 114 KB)