Think pieces

Think pieces are publications that explore ideas that could shape Aotearoa New Zealand’s future, or gather thoughts on an issue at a specific point in time. They are authored either by Institute staff or external parties invited by the Institute.

Think Piece 38 – The end of the beginning

Dr David Skilling, February 2022
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Think Piece 37 – The gap between doses matters!

Wendy McGuinness, June 2021
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This think piece was adapted and updated and has now been published as an opinion piece on Newsroom.
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Notes to the Newsroom article
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Think Piece 36 – Long-term insights briefings – once in a generation opportunity

Roger Dennis, Wendy McGuinness and Dr David Skilling, June 2021
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Think Piece 32 – Exploring Ways to Embed Climate Reporting in the Existing Framework

Wendy McGuinness, September 2019
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Think Piece 31 – Navigating the Future With Foresight

Wendy McGuinness, December 2018
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Think Piece 29 – Civics and citizenship education in New Zealand: A case for change?

Todd Krieble and Danijela Tavich, May 2018
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Think Piece 28 – Biological Corridors Throughout the Length of New Zealand

Wendy McGuinness, April 2018
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Think Piece 27 – The Family So’otaga: connection between home and school

Wendy McGuinness and Caitlin Salter, February 2018
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Think Piece 20 – Towards a Strategy of Freedom

Wendy McGuinness, September 2014
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Think Piece 18 – 'For me ... it is not enough'

Wendy McGuinness, September 2013
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Think Piece 17 – A place where talent wants to live

Wendy McGuinness, with assistance from Gillian McCarthy, March 2013
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Think Piece 15 – The magical place where science and humanities meet

Wendy McGuinness and Rory Sarten, July 2012
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Think Piece 14 – Constructing a House Fit for the Future

Wendy McGuinness, June 2011
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Think Piece 13 – The Day They Decided That Sneetches Are Sneetches

Wendy McGuinness, October 2010
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Think Piece 12 – New Zealand is No Longer New

Wendy McGuinness and Perrine Gilkison, October 2009
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Think Piece 11 – The Information Age is Dead. Long live the Imagination Age.

Leanne Silver, October 2009
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Think Piece 10 – Lost in Space: Turning ideas into Action

Wendy McGuinness and Hayley Vujcich, May 2009
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Think Piece 9 – Think Tanks: New Zealand's Own 'Ideas Factories'

Wendy McGuinness and Willow Henderson, May 2009
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Background for Table 1
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Think Piece 8 – Magnifying Hope and Reducing Fear

Wendy McGuinness, December 2008
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Think Piece 7 – What is a National Sustainable Development Strategy?

Wendy McGuinness and Willow Henderson, October 2008
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Think Piece 6 – While AgResearch Fiddled

Wendy McGuinness, October 2008
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Workings for Figure 1
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Think Piece 5 – Hard Work

Wendy McGuinness, September 2008
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Think Piece 4 – Weak Signals and Wild Cards

Wendy McGuinness, August 2008
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Think Piece 3 – Project 2008

Wendy McGuinness, Joe McCarter, Mark Newton and Hayley Vujcich, December 2007
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Think Piece 2 – Climate Change

Wendy McGuinness, May 2007
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Think Piece 1 – Twenty Years of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment: PCE20

Wendy McGuinness, Ella Lawton, Amelie Goldberg and Hayley Vujcich, March 2007
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