Research Projects

Climate Change NZ

Exploring a climate strategy for New Zealand

The overall aim of ClimateChangeNZ is to explore a climate strategy for New Zealand.

David Attenborough stated in regard to climate change: ‘My generation is no great example for understanding – we have done terrible things. If we are not making progress with young people we are done!’ (April 2019). Our work programme aims to provide young people with a platform to enable them to amplify their thinking and have their voices heard. See, for example, the 2019 KiMuaNZ: Exploring Climate Futures workshop below.

In 2019, we also published a discussion paper on a Climate Reporting Emergency (see below).

In 2020, we hosted a webinar with Mark Carney in conversation with Adrian Orr (Reserve Bank) and Hon James Shaw. They discussed rapid pathways to achieve New Zealand’s transition to a low-carbon future, with a particular focus on the Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

The current work programme also includes a number of research reports, including a Project 2058 report on climate change reporting.

Latest publication

Discussion Paper 2024/01 – Risks hiding in plain sight: Does a commitment under the Paris Agreement to purchase offshore carbon credits create a requirement to report that commitment in the financial statements of the New Zealand Government?

Invitation to comment. Please share your observations and thoughts, ideally before 23 March 2024, with us at

This is a technical discussion paper that explores whether a commitment by the New Zealand Government to purchase offshore carbon credits to offset emissions should be reported in the financial statements of the New Zealand Government (the overarching accounting problem). It discusses how such a commitment might be recognised or disclosed in the Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand.

Past initiatives

KiMuaNZ: Exploring Climate Futures (1–3 July 2019)

The KiMuaNZ workshop brought together 40 young New Zealanders between the ages of 18 and 25 who have a connection with the Pacific. They shared experiences and understandings of climate change issues in order to develop different scenarios for New Zealand and our Pacific neighbours.

A Point of Vanishing Stability 

On 30 May 2019 the Institute held ‘A Point of Vanishing Stability’, a public discussion event at the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington. It sought to explore how New Zealand can develop a climate strategy that provides an urgent yet considered response to climate change. Speakers included Conal Smith, Dr Anita Wreford, Roger Dennis, Adrian Orr, Chlöe Swarbrick and Dr Carwyn Jones.

Assorted publications

See a selection of our latest research and publications related to ClimateChangeNZ below.

Working Paper 2024/01 – Timeline of climate-related policy (institutions, legislation, international commitments, instruments and Conference of Parties)

Discussion Paper 2023/02 – Establishing national climate-related reference scenarios

Submission – Market governance of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Discussion document

Submission – Natural and Built Environment (NBE) Bill Spatial Planning (SP) Bill Climate Change Adaptation Bill