These submissions respond to invitations to comment, often from select committees, government departments and/or reporting organisations regarding a bill or specific public policy change.

As part of Project OneOceanNZ, the Institute has followed and engaged with applications by New Zealand King Salmon. These submissions are shown on a separate page, Salmon farming.

Energy Submisssion

March 2007
Download (PDF, 177 KB)

Attachment 1: Discussion paper on measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand post-2012, Ministry for the Environment (PDF, 381 KB)
Attachment 2: Sustainable land management and climate change, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (PDF, 298 KB)
Attachment 3: New Zealand Energy Strategy to 2050, Ministry of Economic Development (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Attachment 4: Transitional Measures – Options to Move Towards Lows Emissions Electricity and Stationary Energy Supply and to Facilitate a Transition to Greenhouse Gas Pricing in the Future, Ministry of Economic Development (PDF, 520 KB)
Attachment 5: New Zealand Energy Efficiency Conservation Strategy, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (PDF, 1 MB)