Primary Research

Our main research publications include reports, working papers, discussion papers, contributing papers and surveys. The overarching goal of these publications is to identify, understand and discuss major initiatives that need to be put in place to ensure New Zealand is in a strong and flexible position for the year 2058.

Project 2058 Reports

Contributing Papers

Discussion Papers


Working Papers

Early Reports

Supporting Work

These are opinion-based and visual publications that help support our major research. We use a range of mediums to connect with people and encourage engagement.

Books and Journals

These publications are key outputs from workshops, events, and other areas of interest the Institute pursues. They are often developed collaboratively, and are available for purchase from our shop here.


These publications share our progress, work plans, methods and thoughts as they evolve over time. They also include requests for information, such as OIAs, which aid our research process.

Publication descriptors

Publications may appear on our website with one of the following four labels:

1. Final – The publication is complete and will not be updated in any material way.

2. Final draft – The publication is with our editor for final edits and reference checks.

3. Draft – The publication is out for comment. Versions are regularly updated with version numbers and publication dates (formatted as YYYYMMDD), to enable reviewers to specify their feedback to the version they have reviewed. See our external review policy here.

4. In progress – A publication is being scoped and a draft is forthcoming.

Find publications

Our publications can be viewed in a number of ways:

  1. To view a complete list of our publications by type, visit our Types of Publications 
  2. To view a complete list of our publications by date of publication, visit our List of Publications  This page also includes a search filter.
  3. To purchase one of our publications at cost plus postage, visit our online store.
  4. Our publications can also be accessed on ResearchGate

Our publications are all available to download from this website. Many are also available (and best used) in hard copy form. If you would like to purchase a hard copy of a particular publication, please see our online store.


Learn more

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