Upcoming events

The McGuinness Institute events tend to fit a specific purpose:

  1. Youth-policy workshops (over 1-3 days) (i.e. to provide young people with an insight into the machinery of government)
  2. Webinars that aim to bring a diverse range of people together to discuss an issue (i.e. a focus on interesting people and/or topics)
  3. Series of events that focus on a particular purpose (e.g. the 2023 Bursting Bubbles series)
  4. Other events that bring a panel together (e.g. in 2024 we are interested in running some events on the fourth estate or New Zealand in 2040)

Thank you for your interest.

Past events

The Institute keeps a record of all of the events it hosts on our page List of all past events. On this page, we include links to blog posts detailing key insights from events, links to any recordings we have of events, and links to any relevant publications.



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