Requests for information made by the Institute via the Official Information Act. The table below indicates the progress of each request made since 2020. References to sections in the status column (right) refer to subsections within s 18 of the Official Information Act 1982. 

Official Information Act Requests (OIAs) Schedule

Current status OIA ReferenceDownload OIA
Date emailedRecipientSubjectDate acknowledgedOfficial response
In ProgressOIA 2022/04Email Download16/09/2022Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC)Code of Conduct for MPs
CompletedOIA 2022/03Email Download12/04/2022Ministry of Health (MOH)Number of staff employed (FTE) by MOH20/04/202220/04/2022 Download
CompletedOIA 2022/02Email Download

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

4/04/2022Department of Internal Affairs (DIA)Review of continuing application of Commissions of Inquiry 1908 Act4/04/202220/04/2022 Download

CompletedOIA 2022/01Email Download

Attachment 1 Download

Attachment 2

Attachment 3
1/03/2022Ministry of Health (MOH)Composition of the National Reserve Supply3/03/2022
29/03/2022 Download

Thank you to everyone who helped throughout this process of updating the GDS Index (see here for full list of 221 operational GDSs)
OIA 2021/18Download
22/12/2021Government Departments (See schedules for complete list)GDS Index update as at 31 December 2021Download schedule of correspondence (excluding official response and extensions) as at 25 May 2022

Download schedule of extensions as at 11 April 2022
Download schedule of final responses as at 25 May 2022
In Progress OIA 2021/17Email Download

Survey Download

Word version Download
Attachment 1 Download

22/2/2022 (Word version)
All District Health Boards (DHB)District Health Board Survey: Building an agile health care systemDownload schedule of correspondence (excluding official response) as at 9 February 2022

Download schedule of extensions as at 9 May 2022
CompletedOIA 2021/16Download22/12/2021NZ on Air

Partial transfer to Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH)
Public interest journalism and COVID-1911/01/2022

31/01/2022 (download partial transfer)
11/02/2022 Download (NZ on Air response)

Download (MCH response)
CompletedOIA 2021/15Download22/12/2021Ministry of Health (MOH)

Partial transfer to Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)
Healthcare system design and implementation10/01/2022

11/02/2022 (extension)

(further extension)

30/03/2022 (download partial transfer)
31/03/2022 Download (MOH response)

2/05/2022 Download (MBIE response)
CompletedOIA 2021/14Download24/08/2021Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)New Zealand Crown Research Institute review 26/08/202121/09/2021 Download
CompletedOIA 2021/13Download16/07/2021National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)New Zealand Reference Scenarios16/07/202116/07/2021 Download
CompletedOIA 2021/12Download7/04/2021Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) & Department of Conservation (DOC)Māui dolphin Research Advisory Group - Stakeholder meetings
7/05/20212/08/2021 Download
CompletedOIA 2021/11Download7/05/2021Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC)Government priorities of the New Zealand government
from 2006
8/06/2021 Download
CompletedOIA 2021/10Download19/04/2021National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)Working Paper 2021/06: Accounting for Natural GHG emissions, such as wildfires and volcanic eruptions19/04/20214/05/2021 Download
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
CompletedOIA 2021/09Download1/04/2021TreasuryDisclosure of the cost of off-shore mitigation of the Nationally Determined Contribution6/04/2021Please note that there was a meeting where this OIA was discussed, thus no official written response from Treasury.
CompletedOIA 2021/081. Download

2. Adapted OIA sent 2/07/2021 Download

3. Follow up sent
30/03/2021Ministry of Health (MoH)Risk Management1. 30/04/2021

2. 5/07/2021


1. 30/04/2021 Download

2. 16/12/2021
CompletedOIA 2021/07Download15/01/2021Government Departments (See schedule for complete list)Update, Nation Dates, GDS Index, and OIA 2020/07VariousDownload Schedule as at 6 April 2021
CompletedOIA 2021/06Not sent
CompletedOIA 2021/051. Download (original OIA)

2. Follow up sent 8/03/2021 Download

3. Further points of clarification of original OIA 11/03/2020
5/01/2021Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)Pandemic Risk: AgResearch Approval for GM animals (continued)1. 5/01/2021

3. 13/04/2021 (extension)
1. 16/02/2021 Download
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3

3. 12/05/2021
CompletedOIA 2021/041.Download

2. Further points of clarification
8/01/2021Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)Pandemic Risk: AgResearch Approval for GM animals (continued)15/01/2021

1. 15/02/2021 Download

2. 1/07/2021
CompletedOIA 2021/03Download4/01/2021AgResearchPandemic Risk: AgResearch Approval for GM animals (continued)18/02/2021 18/02/2021 Download
CompletedOIA 2021/02Not sent
CompletedOIA 2021/01Not sent
Completed OIA 2020/101. Download

2. Further points of clarification
10/08/2020Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC)Declared States of National Emergency 1. 4/09/2020

2. 25/09/2020
Completed OIA 2020/09Download28/07/2020AgResearchPandemic Risk: Outdoor Transgenic Programme
(See points of clarification in OIA 2021/03)

19/08/2020 (extension)
11/09/2020 Download
CompletedOIA 2020/08Download (Working Paper 2020/06)20/07/2020Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)Pandemic Risk: AgResearch Approval for GM animals
(See points of clarification in OIA 2021/05)
3/08/2020 (partial transfer, see below)
OIA 2020/08Transferred from EPA (see original OIA 2020/08)3/08/2020Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)Partial Transfer of points points 'g', 'k', 'r' and 's' from EPA to MPI 03/08/2020
(See points of clarification in OIA 2021/04)
In progress (awaiting response to: 2. Further points of clarification)OIA 2020/081. Transferred from EPA (see original OIA 2020/08)

2. Further points of clarification

3. Further points of clarification
Sent 1. 3/08/2020

Sent 2. 8/03/2021

Sent 3. 9/03/2021
AgResearch Partial Transfer of points 'o' and 'q' from EPA to AgResearch 03/08/2020Number 1:
See full response on 1/02/2021

Number 2: 9/03/2021

Number 3: 11/03/2021
Response 1: 12/02/2021 Download

Response 3: 6/04/2021
Download Appendix
CompletedOIA 2020/07Download29/04/2020Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC)COVID-19: Moving from Level 4 to Level 3
Partial transfer from DPMC 13/05/2020
VariousDownload Schedule as at 4 November 2021
CompletedOIA 2020/06 Download28/04/2020New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE)OneOcean: Open Ocean Aquaculture 28/05/2020Response 1:

Response 2:
CompletedOIA 2020/05 Download28/04/2020Ministry of Health (MoH)COVID-19: Vaccinations29/04/202025/06/2020
CompletedOIA 2020/04 1. Email sent

2. OIA sent

3. Further points of clarification
22/04/2020Ministry of Health (MoH)COVID-19: National Reserve Supply2. 24/04/2020

3. 20/08/2020 (extension)
2. 21/05/2020

3. 24/08/2020
CompletedOIA 2020/03 Download22/04/2020Ministry of Health (MoH)

Note: Transferred to PHARMAC
COVID-19: Intensive Care Drugs24/04/202029/05/2020
CompletedOIA 2020/02 1. Download

2. Follow up sent

3. Invitation to provide feedback
25/03/2020All District Health boards (DHB)COVID-19: Open Letter to District Health Boards Various1. & 2. Download Schedule as at 25 March 2021

3. Download schedule as at 14 April 2021
CompletedOIA 2020/01 Download2/03/2020Ministry of Health (MoH) COVID-19: Virus outbreak (ICU beds and more)4/03/202025/03/2020
ERMA 200223 Correspondence – PDFs of responses to OIAs (available above) by organisation

Given the level of complexity evolving around our OIAs, the number of key players and the transferring between key players; we have also provided a complete PDF of all correspondence the Institute has had with each player. The PDFs will be updated regularly.

Other correspondence

Below is correspondence that may be of interest. The Institute endeavours to send all Members of Parliament an annual update of our work programme, as well as engaging in correspondence with wider groups regarding the release of a completed publication or a key event. These letters are published here for transparency.

Date sentRecipientSubjectDownload a copy of McGuinness Institute's correspondence
28/06/2022MPsGovernment Department Strategies Index Handbook (GDS Index)Download
28/06/2022CEs of Government DepartmentsGovernment Department Strategies Index Handbook (GDS Index)Download
22/12/2021DOC, MBIE, MFE, MPIDolphin management and conservationDownload
17/12/2021MP'sPrime Minister's summer reading list 2021/2022Download
26/07/2021CEOs of NZSX-listed companies Letter to CEOs of NZSX-listed companies on climate changeDownload
04/01/2021Hon David Parker et alPandemic Risk: AgResearch Approval for GM Animals Download
11/12/2020MP'sUpdate to MP's: Nation Dates & Newsletter Download
27/3/2020MoHLetter to MoH: Thank youDownload
18/11/2019MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
14/12/2018MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
5/11/2018Climate Leaders Coalition2018 Update to the Climate Leaders Coalition: Climate change reporting Download
22/05/2017MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
17/05/2016MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
1/05/2015MP'sUpdate to MP's: One OceanDownload
5/02/2015MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
27/06/2014MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
13/12/2013MP'sUpdate to MP's: Genetic ModificationDownload
4/12/2013MP'sUpdate to MP's: Work ProgrammeDownload
24/5/2013MP'sUpdate to MP's: King SalmonDownload