By Jerome C. Glenn, Theodore J. Gordon and Elizabeth Florescu

2008 State of the Future explores possible and desirable futures based on the current state of the world. This is the twelfth report in the series and builds on all previous research and analysis asking the question, is the future getting better or worse?
The book begins by outlining 15 global challenges that we have the resources, networks and technology to address but a lack of coherence and direction prevents us from doing so. Having set up this framework, key areas are explored through more detailed studies including education, sustainable development, environmental security and global governance.

One way The Millennium Project ensures their information is as comprehensive as possible is through Nodes – “groups of individuals and organisations that interconnect global and local perspectives.” Currently, there are no Nodes based in New Zealand, a potentially exciting idea for us here at Sustainable Future and any other interested organisations.

The Millennium Project’s 2008 State of the Future is so effective because despite alarming statistics it remains optimistic. Within the realm of futures writing it is all too easy to get weighed down by bleak and cynical facts, yet here, feasible solutions are offered to proposed problems making it a thought provoking and motivating read.
For more information watch our interview with Jerome C. Glenn, the director and cofounder of the project.

Reviewed by Lucy Foster, August 2008