Image result for 2009 A Practical Guide for Policy AnalysisEugene Bardach

“The analytical work in problem-solving generally proceeds in a certain direction, from defining the problem at the beginning all the way to making a decision and explaining it at the end. But remember, this is a process much given to reconsidering, reviewing, changing one’s mind – in other words, retracing one’s steps on the path before starting out one more”

This straightforward, effective guide to policy analysis addresses the psychology, as well as the logic, of the analytical public policy process. Expanded coverage of cost-effectiveness analysis include a new excerpt from a report on the relative worth of mandatory minimum sentences for drug dealers, introduced to provide an example of real, high-quality policy analysis, along with some commentary from the author.

Bardach’s use of simple terminology and up-to-date examples makes the book very easy to read. This book has significant relevance to Sustainable Future’s 2058 project. The seventh step in the book, “Project the Outcomes” is what Eugene Bardach believes to be the “hardest step” in policy analysis, mostly because of the uncertainties involved in projecting the future.

This book has been quoted as a gift to practising policy officials in government, lecturers, researchers and students.

Reviewed by Nicola Bradshaw, May 2009