Image result for Carbon Neutral by 2020: How New Zealanders Can Tackle Climate ChangeEdited by Nikki Harre & Quentin D. Atkinson

Craig Potton Publishing, $35.

Climate change has become one of the central issues of our time, yet it is an issue weighed down by messages of doom and gloom and a pervasive sense of helplessness about how we should effectively respond. This book offers a positive response by presenting solutions from a range of New Zealand experts, all of whom show how we can rethink our current practices, mobilise people and put in place new ways of doing things that will help create a carbon neutral society here in the South Pacific.

The book is aimed at a general readership, both individuals and organisations, and it is hoped that it will be read by managers and employees in small and large businesses, people working in local government, community organisations, schools and tertiary institutions, as well as any citizen who is concerned and wants to do something positive. This is a timely, important book and a positive response to an absolutely critical issue from many of the best-informed people in New Zealand.

February 2008