Image result for The Carbon Buster's Home Energy HandbookBy Godo Stoyke

New Society Publishers, paperback. $29.00

Most people are unaware that environmental problems such as climate change can be easily mitigated, at a profit, on a personal level, through the intelligent application of appropriate technology. The Carbon Buster’s Handbook neatly describes how easily households can reduce their environmental footprint while saving very real amounts of money. Though targeted for the North American market it is still highly applicable to NZ and the rest of the world. The book allows individuals to quickly and accurately assess which products are a good deal and which aren’t. It systematically analyzes residential carbon emissions and energy costs and prioritizes solutions based on highest carbon reductions and monetary returns, yielding results that are often surprising. Readers are able to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions – far below the levels targeted under the Kyoto Protocol.This book allows us, as individuals, to effect change personally. An important responsibility and opportunity.

April 2007