Image result for The Way We Will Be 50 Years From TodayEdited By Mike Wallace

Thomas Nelson, $42.95

What is our vision for the future and how do we achieve it? This is the simple premise that inspired Mike Wallace to interview sixty of the most inspired thinkers and pose the provocative question, what is the shape of the future? The outcome is superb. In The Way We Will Be 50 Years from Today, Wallace has edited the responses into sixty short, accessible essays offering ideas that are fresh, challenging and above all, stimulate the imagination. Spanning multiple fields, the interviewees share their vision for the next half century in a combination of fear and hope. The responses are incredibly varied, yet the underlying theme that anything is possible is prevalent, as is the notion that it all depends on us and our actions in the present. These essays are relevant and applicable to all and the collection has a place on every book shelf.

Reviewed by Lucy Foster, July 2008