Image result for time management from the inside outJulie Morgenstern

Hachette Australia, Paperback, $35

We have a very long To-Do list for 2009 at Sustainable Future, so we felt that it was apt to review a book we have been using to help us clear our desks for the New Year.
Julie Morgenstern is a professional organiser, and her book is a clear, easy to follow guide that tackles the hardest thing to organise of all: your time. Morgenstern suggests that there are three causes of the clutter that steals our time: Technical errors, external realities and psychological obstacles.Morgenstern explains the shape each of these might take, enabling you to pinpoint what is and is not directly in your control to change. This core idea of identifying your strengths in order to overcome obstacles is one we plan to explore further in our development of a national sustainable development strategy.

With chapters on how to identify where your time is going, when to do what tasks, and even what type of planner is best for you, Time Management from the Inside Out guides you gently towards feeling more in control of your time– highly recommended.

Reviewed by Willow Henderson, January 2009