The first workshop of The Civics and Media Project was held in Wellington on Wednesday, 2 September 2015. The workshop was hosted by Victoria University of Wellington and it saw 40 people come together to survey the current civics and media landscape in New Zealand. It asked the question ‘What is happening with civics and the news media in New Zealand?’ You can read the summary of Workshop 1 on the Civics and Media Project blog.

The ideas and data collected at this workshop will be used in Workshop 2, which will be hosted by University of Auckland’s Faculty of Arts on 27 October 2015. More information on the second workshop is available here

About Civics and Media Project
The purpose of the project is to inform and encourage public discourse and engagement regarding civics and media, with the ultimate aim of informing decisions by individuals, industry and institutions across society. Six agencies have joined together to examine whether citizens and communities have the news and information they need and want in a digital age and to determine what a well-informed, civically engaged New Zealand will look like in 2030. To learn more see the Civics and Media Project website.

Together with the Royal Society, the Institute is running Workshop 3 in the series. This will be a full-day workshop focusing on the question ‘How do we ensure a well-informed, civically engaged New Zealand in 2030?’ You can register your interest in attending this workshop by emailing