Well, we are finally here. This is just a quick final post to share with you what a friend just told me his mum told him years ago – ‘you must vote out of respect for your ancestors who fought and often died in order that you could vote.’ Today is the last day to register, so no doubt you are all sorted. Have a great weekend watching the narrative unfold. It will be a long weekend – I am off to buy a large block of fruit and nut chocolate!

For those of you that want to watch a good TED talk on the topic of civics, check out the video below or view it on the TED website. Eric Liu is the founder and CEO of Citizen University and the author of several books about politics. Liu also served as President Bill Clinton’s speechwriter and as his deputy domestic policy advisor. Recently, we published Think Piece 20: ‘Towards a Strategy of Freedom’, which looks at JFK’s famous 1963 ‘Strategy of Peace’ address. Find it here on our publications page.

Best, Wendy