Internation Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning Symposium (IRAHSS)
The International Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning Symposium 2017 (IRAHSS 2017) was held in Singapore on 18 and 19 July 2017. The symposium brought together speakers and attendants from government agencies, think-tanks and businesses in Singapore and around the world. Now in its seventh year, the symposium is the ‘largest strategic foresight event for planning, policy, and security agencies in Asia’. The theme for the 2017 symposium was ‘Black Swans and Black Elephants’. Black Swans are rare, hard-to-predict events that have significant impacts and Black Elephants are rare events with significant impacts that everyone knows about but no one wants to talk about. The symposium sought to identify such events in four areas of panel discussion:

  • The Future Geopolitical Landscape
  • The Future of Technology
  • The Future Society
  • The Future of Terrorism