On Tuesday, 4 August 2017 Wendy spoke as part of a panel at the Wellington Rotary Forum. This year the Forum focused on achieving the impossible dream, asking speakers what it would take for Wellington, the city and region, to be the best in the world. The Forum was an afternoon event held at the St James theatre and brought together 12 ‘fired up and passionate people’ to share knowledge, inspire and connect with the future of Wellington. The other speakers were

In her presentation, Wendy focused on the five characteristics of great cities, some of which were common across other people’s presentations. They were

  1. Creativity,
  2. Connectivity,
  3. Certainty,
  4. Choice and
  5. Courage.

She also outlined some of the things that might be holding Wellington back from becoming a great city. View her full slideshow below or read her notes.

Meg Melvin from Sketchability was particularly inspired by Wendy’s presentation and drew up these visual notes:

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