On 27 May the Institute held a structured discussion evening to explore the future of ocean management in New Zealand. Over 60 attendees with a broad range of expertise heard our three speakers share their ideas and aspirations for New Zealand’s marine environment. Each speaker gave a 10-minute presentation, which was followed by a wide-ranging general discussion with participants from the audience.

Our first speaker was Bronwen Golder, whose video is featured below. Bronwen is Director of the Kermadec Initiative, part of the Global Oceans Legacy programme of the Pew Charitable Trusts. Bronwen made a very insightful critique of the current ocean management regime, and concluded by emphasising the need for more collaborative and inclusive governance that acknowledges our shared aspirations for New Zealand’s marine space.


To find out more about the Institute’s One Ocean Project and the outcomes of the discussion evening, please take a look at our One Ocean Project page. A more detailed account of the event can be read on our earlier blog post here.