On Thursday, 26 March the Institute launched its report One Ocean: Principles for the stewardship of a healthy and productive ocean. Over 70 scientists, public policy experts, academics, MPs and other interested parties came together to hear contributors speak on topics discussed in the report.


Institute CEO Wendy McGuinness, Institute patron Professor Lionel Carter and author James Tremlett each gave a presentation and invited guests to share their thoughts. This led to rigorous discussion of issues surrounding New Zealand’s oceans.

One Ocean discusses the role of the oceans in New Zealand’s culture, economy and natural environment. It explores possible solutions to the challenges currently facing the management of human activities in New Zealand’s marine space and recommends pragmatic steps towards the wise use and conservation of our seas (see Figure 9 below).

This report is the major work in the Institute’s Project One Ocean, which aims to explore how New Zealand might best manage its oceans.

The report is now online on the Project One Ocean webpage, with bound copies becoming available early next month (available for purchase now) through the Institute’s online store.

20150330 Figure 9 - FINAL