A recent article in Time magazine, entitled ‘Meet the new lab-made foods’, discusses new GMOs that may soon be available on American shelves and asks: ‘will people want to eat them?’ Pink pineapples, non-bruising potatoes and non-browning apples are among the GMOs to be introduced, and while most research indicates that GMOs are probably safe to eat, 18 states have introduced bills that will require them to be labelled.

The article mentions that scepticism remains around GMOs and industry claims about their ability to eradicate hunger and produce healthier food; therefore, for those interested in genetic modification, the impacts of new GMOs and possible labelling in America will be interesting to watch.

See the Institute’s Project Genetic Modification to learn more about the Institute’s work around GM. See also Report 16: An Overview of Genetic Modification in New Zealand 1973-2013: The first forty years.

 Time magazine