Our submission on the Environmental Reporting Bill is now available for download from our website.

One of the key issues addressed in our submission was the overlapping boundaries of the environmental domains the bill defined. As our submission points out:

Our concern lies with the extent the domains overlap. The air and atmosphere & climate domains overlap (see perpendicular lines). In one case three domains overlap, the marine domain, the air domain and the atmosphere and climate domain (see interconnecting perpendicular lines).

We would like to see each domain stand on its own (i.e. no crossovers), but also see every part of the environment being included. Our suggestion is shown in Figure 3; these four domains would provide clear boundaries between domains, as it limits confusion over what is in or not in a domain yet represents every part of the system.

Domains Diagram v3

Figure 2 from the McGuinness Institute submission: Environment domains as set out in the Environmental Reporting Bill

Domains Diagram

Figure 3 from the McGuinness Institute submission: Suggested domains from the submission