The final version of the scorecard is largely a product of a discussion the Institute held on government department strategies (GDSs) on 1 October 2014. These ideas were further explored in December 2014. We would like to especially thank Stephen Cummings, Professor of Strategic Management, Victoria University; Patrick Nolan, Productivity Commission; James Palmer, Deputy Secretary Strategy, Ministry for the Environment; Rodney Scott, State Services Commission and Treasury; and Simon Wakeman, Productivity Commission, for their additional insights. We welcome any further feedback on the scorecard over the next few weeks.

The scorecard contains characteristics which have been identified as making a government strategy a ‘good’ strategy. We are in the process of finalising our analysis of all 136 GDSs currently in operation. Table 1 of Working Paper 2014/01: List of Government Department Strategies Between 1 July 1994 and 30 June 2014 contains a list of all 290 GDSs published over the last 20 years, of which 136 are current (see Column H). The results of this analysis will form a report titled Analysis of 136 Government Department Strategies (GDSs) in Operation Between 1 July 1994 and 30 June 2014An in-depth review (working title), which will be presented on 25 February. If you would like to attend on 25 February, please RSVP to