This newsletter shares our updated work programme, giving you a summary of what we have been doing since our last newsletter in May 2017 and detailing what we hope to achieve before the end of the year.

Our work programme this year is focused on the 10 year anniversary of the Institute’s flagship Project 2058, launched in 2008. This will involve three overarching publications:

  • An update of the Project 2058: Methodology and review of work. The methodology outlines the approach and guiding principles of Project 2058 and was last updated in 2012 with Version 4
  • A book based on Chair of the Commission for the Future James Duncan’s Options for New Zealand’s Future to summarise what we have learnt so far and guide us in the future. This book will look back on the projects, workshops, and voices of the McGuinness Institute since its early inception as the Sustainable Future Institute.
  • The Four Decade Diary 2019–2058, which will enable New Zealanders (particularly young New Zealanders aged 18–25) to plan not just for the coming year but for their long-term future and the long-term future of New Zealand. The Diary will include the latest foresight tools from the field of futures studies and historical facts from Nation Dates.

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