It has been two years since the launch of our 2013 TalentNZ Journal. To mark this anniversary, each day over the next month we will share an interview with one of the 30 kiwis and provide an update on where they are now.


Today we share Andrew Hamilton’s full interview which you can read here.

Two years on, we checked in with Andrew Hamilton and asked him four questions about what he has been doing since we published the journal. You can read Andrew’s responses below.

1. Two years on
Two years on, I continue to have my day job as the CEO of the Icehouse and I continue to invest small sums of money into startups that have global aspirations.

2. Recent thoughts on how to build a talent-based economy
Two thoughts – the first is that we must continue to focus on people – we back the Jockey, not the horse. The second is that New Zealand needs to be much more aggressive in the use of its resources – we waste too much money currently and we are not courageous enough in making choices.

3. Books, research and talks that have shaped my thinking
The Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz is amazing for managers, and if you want to do something new, try Peter Thiel’s Zero to One.

4. Any additional thoughts for young people?
Do it, try something, just get out there – when you start a business, do it with people you know, not strangers as when the chips are down, you need to rely on long-term relationships.

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TalentNZ Journal: Grow talent edition
We are currently in the planning and research stages of our 2016 TalentNZ Journal: Grow talent edition. The journal will illustrate grassroots initiatives that New Zealanders are doing to grow talent. Our focus is on encouraging innovative ways to develop talent across New Zealand. The Grow talent edition will be the second edition in our TalentNZ Journal series.

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The 2013 TalentNZ Journal is part of our TalentNZ project. TalentNZ is designed to facilitate a structured discussion on how to make New Zealand’s talent-based economy flourish. The Journal features interviews with 30 Kiwis, essays from contributing writers and data with a focus on cities and the economy. The 2013 Journal, and in particular the 30 interviews, showed us that by managing the four integrated work-streams – grow, attract, retain and connect – New Zealand is more likely to become a healthy, dynamic and interesting place to live in the long-term. TalentNZ builds on Sir Paul Callaghan’s vision of making New Zealand ‘a place where talent wants to live’. Sir Paul outlined the reasons why his vision is important in a 20-minute video at the Institute’s StrategyNZ workshop in 2011. To learn more about the TalentNZ project see

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