Raf Manji speaking at the TalentNZ Tour public event in Christchurch

On Thursday the TalentNZ Tour arrived in Christchurch. Wendy McGuinness was joined by Tim Bennett and Roger Dennis at a meeting with Mayor Lianne Dalziel and councillors, including Vicki Buck and Raf Manji who we interviewed for the TalentNZ JournalIt was a fantastic opportunity to share the first version of the Menu of Initiatives and discuss Christchurch’s potential to grow a talent based economy. It was exciting to see the innovation taking place within Christchurch, as they continue to rebuild following the 2011 earthquake.

In the evening, the McGuinness Institute hosted a public event at Grant Thornton.  About 20 people came to hear Wendy McGuinness, Tim Bennett, Raf Manji and Roger Dennis talk about the TalentNZ project, followed by drinks, nibbles and a general discussion. The reception of the TalentNZ project in Christchurch was incredibly encouraging, and we would like to thank all the people we meet with for making the visit so rewarding.