The whales might migrate to other waters for half of the year, but talent in Kaikoura doesn’t have to. Kaikoura was the middle stop in the TalentNZ Tour of the South Island. On 19 March Hayden Glass of Sapere Research joined Wendy in presenting the ideas to the Councillors, discussing how they can grow, attract, retain and connect talent in their region. Hayden was a contributor to the TalentNZ Journal and was pleased to be able to join Wendy in Kaikoura to speak to the Councillors.


The meeting with Kaikoura Councillors


As shown by our demographics research on the cities, Kaikoura had one of the highest percentages of 40-64 year olds of locations visited during the TalentNZ Tour. This implies a good grounding of knowledge and maturity for the region, but also suggests that the younger demographic of 15-39 year olds tend to migrate to the larger cities in the South or North Islands. Connecting Kaikoura with other cities around the country via talent based initiatives could allow a circular migration of knowledge and talent back and forward from the city to other innovation centres.

After the meeting, Wendy and Hayden headed northward and we would like to send a special thanks to Sounds Air for making sure Wendy and Hayden reached their next destination safely.

Wendy and Hayden with Sounds Air